Soulful Sunday: They say, you can’t move forward while looking backwards. I say you don’t know the Lord, that I know, who makes the impossible, possible. That all sufficient grace, includes opportunities to comfortably look back over the waters you’ve traversed; while moving gracefully forward. Glory to God who continually causes us to triumph. #soulfulsunday #thankyouLord #comfortablegrace #beardedblackmen #beardie #beardgang #beardsofinstagram #blackmenwithbeards #beardedfitness #dapper #yatching #hemakesallthingspossible đź‘‘BeauDeron


Blah blah blahggy

I’m in a very strange place today. I don’t feel like I’ve had any energy for so long and I haven’t had enough time to recover this weekend. I really, really, really wish I could call off tomorrow, but we are just too busy at work.

This is the first summer I’ve worked full time in since my son was born 13 years ago. I know I should be grateful and count my blessings and all the rest of it, but to be honest? I don’t feel like I’m having a summer. I hate that. I wish I could go back to part time again. I really like my job, but I’m feeling fried all the time lately.

Sunday Words of Wisdom

Maybe you think you’ll be entitled to more happiness later by forgoing all of it now, but it doesn’t work that way. Happiness takes as much practice as unhappiness does. It’s by living that you live more. By waiting you wait more. Every waiting day makes your life a little less. Every lonely day makes you a little smaller. Every day you put off your life makes you less capable of living it. –Ann Brashares

Knit the Sky

I came across a very cool knitting project the other day that I think I’m going to do as my back to school project.

Using two blues, two grays and a white, you knit a stripe every day that reflects the color of the sky that day. The originator of this project uses garter stitch, so that’s knitting two rows back and forth. The time you spend doing this project depends on the gauge of yarn you choose. The kit comes with lace weight, which will take a year to make a five-foot scarf.

I’m thinking of starting mine on September 24, the autumnal equinox. Not sure if I’m going to use lace weight or not. And as much as I like the idea of taking the time to knit just one row every day, I know I probably won’t, so I may just take a quick photo and then knit when I have time.

The designer calls her projects conceptual knitting. I like the ideas a lot, especially the social knitwork scarf, but she uses a lot of orange, and I am not an orange person.

Sunday Words of Wisdom

Whether the universe is composed of an infinite number of blind atoms or one all-seeing nature, two things are clear: first, I am a part of the universe governed by nature; and second, I am related in some way to the other parts like myself… Because I am related to the other parts like myself, I will not seek my own advantage at their expense, but I will study to know what is in our common good and bend every effort to advance that good and dissuade others from acting against it. If I am successful in this, my life is bound to flow smoothly, as one would expect for the dutiful citizen who is always looking out for others.

(Marcus Aurelius, 121 – 180)