30 Day Blogathon Day 1: I’m doing what??

I’ve signed up for all kinds of online “challenges” – Deepak Chopra’s 21-day meditation, 30 Days of Gratitude etc, ad nauseum. What they all have in common is that I haven’t finished one of them, unless reading the daily email counts as “completion” for the day’s task.

So why on earth am I now taking on the 30 Day Blogathon? I’ve only started to think about writing for something other than my day job very recently, let alone writing for an actual audience. I haven’t been thinking much about blog topics or editorial calendars and all the other “best practices of successful content marketing” that I read about and think about for other people’s businesses. I don’t want to do more of the same.

What makes this project different, I think, is that while I haven’t been thinking about “blogging,” I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about flexing my creative muscles. As yet another internet project, last month I joined Zen Habit’s Sea Change Program, where every month you develop another habit. The habit for May was “Develop a Daily Writing Habit.” (Before you ask, no, I did not write every day in May, and furthermore I counted the writing I do at work.)

Combine that with the navel-gazing frame of mind I’m in (see my post on turning 50 this year) and the desire to explore more creative outlets outside of work, and what you get is what my message board would call “bloggy” all.about.me posts. (Note the frequent use of “I” in this post.) Hopefully I’ll get past that and write about something other people might actually find interesting.


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