Priorities, Priorities

So as part of my latest 21-day challenge, “21 Days to Simplify Your Life“* the task was to list my top 5 priorities in life. Because I am a rebel/questioner, I refuse to limit myself. I have six:

I have a husband and a son. They count as one priority, and I’m not just putting them at the top because I’m supposed to.

I am trying to be healthier. I should lose a good bit of weight that I’ve gained from sitting on my ass all day at work, and then spending my down time relaxing. I’ve been practicing yoga regularly since March, and while that’s a good start, I need to amp up in this area.

I’ve been feeling the need to get more crafty lately. I’ve been knitting for years and recently started quilting. Writing is also something I want to do more of, and not the pr-speak stuff I do for work. I also think that doing my own writing will bring something to my work writing, making it less boilerplate and stale.

I’m interested in local and national politics and am a member of a UU church. I find a lot of meaning in doing things in community and for the community, and like to combine community activities with my other priorities. For example, I joined a quilting group at church and made a quilt for the new EECM shelter that is now being built. My next community project is a quilt for Project Star.

This I struggle with. I would love things to be lovely in my house, but I hate do most of the things that make a house lovely and can’t afford to pay someone to do it for me.

Relaxation/time for myself
When I took the Myers-Briggs test, I scored exactly down the middle of introvert and extrovert. The tiebreaker question was whether you draw energy from being with other people, or if you need down time alone to recharge your batteries. I not only need that kind of time, I crave it. I need it like I need water and air. Yep, I’m an introvert.

I’m going to look at each of these priorities more deeply this week. (see, an entire week of blog posts!)

*I did not pay $29 for this program-I signed up on a $2 special. I liked it, but wouldn’t say it was worth $29. I’m not compensated in any way for anything I write about or link to.


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