Priority One: Family

I have a husband and a son, and they are my top priority. I do most of what I do that I don’t really want to do – like work – for them. Since my husband is an independent contractor, I work primarily for health insurance and the FSA. It’s not that I don’t like working, and I like my job very much, but I most definitely work to live and do not live to work. (The reader will note that “career” is not one of my top priorities.)

My husband and I have been together since we graduated from high school, so over 30 years, 19 of them legally married. We have a son who will be 13 next week. He already exhibits the requisite teenage attitudes. He’s active in sports, and has a wicked sense of humor and the ability to talk most people (except for some of the tougher teachers and his father, and occasionally me) into doing what he wants. I’m planning for law school.

As for the rest of my family:

My parents both died years ago (not at the same time) and I’m an only child. My mother-in-law is still alive and doing very well at 90. (That is, for 90.) She still lives alone, still drives, and takes care of herself, but we can see that she is slowing down. My mother has one sister living, who never married and is in a nursing home. I’ve been the primary person to take care of her, but my cousin is also helps. My father’s only sister lives in New York. It’s difficult for her to put us up now, but I try to go at least every year and stay in a hotel. Since she doesn’t live in Manhattan, we can stay someplace decent. She had bypasses in her 50s and has had cardio problems ever since, but she’s outlived many of the cousins and friends who were always so worried about her, and now at 87 is doing the best of any of them.

My husband has one sister, who has a husband and two sons. The oldest is grown and getting married later this year, and the other just finished his freshman year of college.


One thought on “Priority One: Family

  1. Tara

    Oh yeah. I’m another who doesn’t list “career” as a top priority. Love what I do, but not as much as I love coming home from it.

    I’m loving your blog so far, Maria! Thanks for sharing your family with us.


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