I’ve been practicing yoga regularly for about three months now, and I’m really enjoying it now that I’ve found the right place. I’ve done yoga on and off (mostly off) for a long time. I’ve come to the conclusion that successful aging means keeping your flexibility in mind and body, and my body had been starting to feel stiff, so I really wanted to get back into yoga.

My first time back was awful. I bought a Living Social (the owner corrected me when I said I had a Groupon) pass to a place that I’d heard was good, with great reviews. I showed up at the only beginner class three minutes late, which is how the instructor greeted me. This class was not a beginner class. I struggled though it, while the teacher grudgingly helped me adjust the postures. It was clear to me that this woman didn’t want overweight beginners with tight schedules in her studio. I never went back.

This winter, I found a place that was sort of close to work and had one class that I could get to after work. It was a real beginner class of “warm” yoga, but the heat made me nauseous. So much for that.

Finally, I chanced upon the perfect place for me. Not only is it two blocks from my house, but has classes at the perfect times for me. Most importantly, I really like the teachers and the vibe of the place suits me. I’ve been going to flow on Saturday morning and “slow flow” on Monday evenings, two different ways of practicing that work well for me.


One thought on “Om

  1. firstcityline

    Funny how experiences from one place to another can be so different. I’ve always wanted to try yoga but never seem to get around to it. I should try to find a good beginning class one of these days.


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