Week One: the good, the not-so- bad and the ugly

All in all, I think my first week of VB6 has been a success. With some adaptations, I can see making this a deliberate lifestyle choice.

The good

I stuck with it for the whole week, only cheating on Friday when someone brought real French pastry to the office. I ate a half of some sweet croissant-ish thing with Nutella and it was worth every single calorie.

The not-so-bad

VB6 does take some effort. I had to allow enough time to pack lunches and snacks every day, but it wasn’t bad. I could see this becoming an easily ingrained habit.

The ugly

There’s a lot of fiber in the VB6 diet. A lot. I spent a lot of time in the bathroom. Some foods – like the Indian eggplant from Trader Joe’s – did not agree with me. I’m picking up a bottle of beano on my shopping trip this week.


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