Happy Friday!

It was my first week back after vacation, so it’s been a long week. So here’s one of the happiest songs ever. One advantage to being older is that I’m old enough to remember this song.


Sunday Words of Wisdon

“In the end, these things matter most:
How well did you live?
How fully did you love?
How deeply did you let go”
– Buddha

I lost a friend to cancer this weekend. She leaves her husband and son, not much older than mine. She was a truly gifted artist, a sculptor who always dressed with flair. I never once heard her complain about the hand she had been dealt, and I will miss her. She lived well, loved fully, and in the end let go on her own terms.

Blah Friday

Normally, I like to post a happy Friday song in anticipation of the weekend. But today, it’s my last day at the beach and it’s raining, and I’m grumpy.

Unfortunately my days of this song being relevant are long over, but ladies and gents, I present the immortal Dylan song “Rainy Day Women #14 & #5” as performed by the greatest band of all time.

Road Trippin’

We are on our way to the beach. Right now we’re in a hotel about an hour away, waiting for The Man to be ready to go.

I have given up on the skirt, at least for now. I think I should start with things not meant to be worn on the body before I try a piece of clothing that I would actually wear in public.

I bought some lovely cotton yarn, and I’m going to make granny squares. I am much more comfortable with yarn, having been a knitter since college. The pattern I’m using is from purlbee’s rainbow blanket. Please note how much it costs if you use the suggested colors and yarn, and that I am doing neither. I’ll add pics as I go along.

A snag in the skirt.

I had such grand plans. I was going to make a nice skirt in a weekend. By following simple directions, I would have a skirt that looked like it came from J. Crew. It would be kind of like this, but a bit longer:


Well. I made the skirt as directed up to the part of fitting the waist. Oh. My. God. The excess fabric was horrible! I could give the old broad on the right a run for her money:


So, I’ve hacked off a good bit at the hips, but still need to taper the waistline more. I’m planning a full post of the story of making this skirt, but I leave for vacation on Friday, so it won’t happen for awhile.

So now what?

So today is day 30, which means its the last day of the blogathon. I have 15 followers, most of whom are not people I know- wow! Thanks! I managed to post 28 days out of 30, even though a lot of those posts were just links to videos.

I’ve been thinking about where I want to take this blog in the future. I don’t like writing short off-the-cuff posts that feel more like diary entries than something I’d want to actually read. I’m planning to write one or two more thought-out posts every week about one of the priorities that matter to me, interspersed with some randomness. People seem to like my Friday videos, so I’ll keep doing those. If there’s something you’ve liked that you want to see more of, please let me know.

I’m in the midst of making my skirt, so that will be the next “real” post.

Thanks for reading! Hope to see more of you.